Thursday, August 30, 2007

5 Months Old

5 months old

It is hard to believe that M is 5 months old today.
She is such a joy and we are loving every minute
of getting to know her. She is doing lots of things and
makes us laugh constantly. Here are 5 things that
she LOVES to do.
1. Put her big toes in her mouth (sometimes both at once)
2. Growl at A, R and her stuffed animals
3. Push up on all 4s and rock back-n-forth
4. EAT...she loves her rice cereal and veggies
5. Watch A and R. She thinks they are WONDERFUL (so do we)
I just know that time is going to keep flying. It already has. Thank you, God for this precious gift. Happy 5 months, M.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweet Girls

Our Girls

This is a picture of the girls at the beach this summer. I was trying to see if I could attempt to post a picture on this thing. Yipee. I am so exctied. Enjoy. B and I are so blessed with these 3 beautiful Girls. Thank you God for giving them to us.

I'm Back

Okay, I had forgotten how to get into this thing, and been a little busy with 3 girls, so it has been a while. All is well in the Ballew household. A loves first grade. R is anxiously counting the days until her PreK begins. And M is just hanging out at 5 months and loving all the attention she gets.

It is hard to believe that M will be 5 months old on Thursday. Where does the time go?

We have geared up for a new school year, begun taking gymnastics, and are just loving life. Maybe I will be able to keep this thing up for a bit. We will see.