Friday, September 28, 2007

The Obsession has begun...again!

As some of you know, A and R LOVE their Baa Baas(the name of their beloved stuffed lambs). They sleep with them every night. They both have two (in case one gets lost). A even took hers EVERYWHERE we went until she was about 4. Luckily we have not had that carry over to R. I always hated thinking about what BaaBaa was picking up while we were out. A got hers from my college roommate, Heather, as a gift when she was born. Around 1 she decided she loved it and has not parted with it since. When R was born, my mom got R her own BaaBaa(actually 2, just in case). Well, just before M was born, my mom came home with A and R one day and in tow, two new BaaBaas for M to have when she arrived. Needless to say, the tradition carries on. However, M didn't take quite as long to get attached to her BaaBaa. (See above picture). I promise this was not a staged photo. This is how I found her taking a nap this morning. So, I had to take pictures. SO CUTE! We do have two, one downstairs, one in her bed. She loves to lay on it as a pillow, growl at it when you put her in the bed, and "talk" to it when she is trying not to go to sleep. Looks like we will be keeping up with 2 more BaaBaas. I love it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Fair

We took A and R to the County Fair last night....HAD A BLAST! This was by far the BEST night at the fair as a family. We did not take M, as it was Hot and she is too young to do anything but lay in a stroller. We rode rides, at good food, played games and won prizes, and ate caramel apples, but most of all we laughed and enjoyed each other. Complete success! We are ready to go again!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Lost Tooth

First Lost Tooth

A has been waiting for this day for a LONG time.
She did not understand why she
didn't lose a tooth in Kindergarten
like all her friends did. She has been wanting
to lose a tooth, and today she FINALLY did.
About 3 weeks ago we noticed that the
new tooth was already coming in, yet the
baby tooth was not so loose. What JOY she
expressed tonight when I finally pulled it
out for her. It was getting more loose and beginning
to hurt her, so I asked her if she wanted me to pull
it out. She did. I did. PURE should have
heard the GIGGLES from this girl. It made my
heart swell. However, it was not so thrilling for R.
After A showed her the hole in her mouth, R began crying
and said, "I don't have one out yet". PITIFUL. She wants to lose
a tooth now too. Oh, to be like our Big Sisters. Of course, we had
to call the Grandparents to let them know.
It did not take A long to fall asleep
(which for those of you who know her well, know this is a
feat in and of itself) in hopes of something special
from the "tooth fairy".
Good Night



Tonight was A and R's fourth night
of gymnastics. They LOVE it. I am
not sure if we can take pictures
while they are practicing, but I will
find out and post those if possible.

Baby Sleeping

Can you say RELAXED?

This is how I found M sleeping during a nap today.
I guess after driving R back and forth
to preschool, running errands
with Mommy and taking A and
R to gymnastics...she was pooped. What a way to sleep.
Oh, to be so relaxed.

Playing in the Rain

Playing in the rain

Tuesday A and R were hoping to go swimming.
However, the rains came, so they played
in the rain instead.

A lasted a bit longer than R.

R just wanted to sit inside the door and watch
her sister acting silly.
Boy, what it is to be young. If only
they could stay this way forever.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Remembering 9/11
Just wanted to take a moment to remember those that died on 9-11-01. Make sure to tell your loved ones how much you love them and what they mean to you! Kiss your babies matter how big they are. Time is precious! Never miss an opportunity to show your love, be generous and pray!
Also, Happy 6th birthday to my sweet friends Malisa and Lance's little girl, Ivey! Just one reminder that Wonderful things do happen on bad days!