Friday, September 28, 2007

The Obsession has begun...again!

As some of you know, A and R LOVE their Baa Baas(the name of their beloved stuffed lambs). They sleep with them every night. They both have two (in case one gets lost). A even took hers EVERYWHERE we went until she was about 4. Luckily we have not had that carry over to R. I always hated thinking about what BaaBaa was picking up while we were out. A got hers from my college roommate, Heather, as a gift when she was born. Around 1 she decided she loved it and has not parted with it since. When R was born, my mom got R her own BaaBaa(actually 2, just in case). Well, just before M was born, my mom came home with A and R one day and in tow, two new BaaBaas for M to have when she arrived. Needless to say, the tradition carries on. However, M didn't take quite as long to get attached to her BaaBaa. (See above picture). I promise this was not a staged photo. This is how I found her taking a nap this morning. So, I had to take pictures. SO CUTE! We do have two, one downstairs, one in her bed. She loves to lay on it as a pillow, growl at it when you put her in the bed, and "talk" to it when she is trying not to go to sleep. Looks like we will be keeping up with 2 more BaaBaas. I love it!

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Jawan said...

Heather gave Luke the same thing as a gift but a duck rather than a sheep. He sleeps with his, too!