Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 years already?

10? Really?
I can hardly believe that it has been 10 years since we
brought you into this world.
Where has the time gone?

You have been counting the days until you turned double digits.
I kept telling you that I was not going to let it happen, yet it did anyway.

A, Daddy and I are so proud of the young lady that you are becoming.
Not a day goes by that we are not so thankful that God allows us to be your parents.
Not a day goes by that we are not amazed at how awesome you are.

You are a sweet girl who loves her family, school, reading, softball, art, and your friends.
You are sweet to your sisters (most of the time).
You 110% at everything you do whether it is school, on the softball field or anything in between.

Even though it seems like we just brought you home yesterday, I cannot imagine my life without you. You made me a mommy and for that I am grateful.
You are beautiful on the inside and out.
Others want to be your friend because they know that you care about them.

I gasp when I look at you and realize that you are not so little anymore.
I am so proud of you!
I hope you have many more decades of birthdays to celebrate.
I love you MORE!

This year we had your party with Mason.
You both wanted to take your friends to paint.
It was so much fun.
You all painted a jersey with your name and number.
This is very fitting since all of you are so into sports right now.
Here you are painting with some of your friends.
B, M, and K taking a break from painting to play games on phones.

Here you are all splattering your painting.
Cousin N with his work of art.
Showing off your masterpiece.
The whole gang.
K with her work.
You again!
R showing hers off.
Sweet R. U.
K - RO
And Mag...she did something different since she does not play sports.
You all had a great time.
We came home after painting for cake, ice cream, presents, and your friends spent the night.
You had a great 10th birthday.
I love you, baby girl!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Father/ Daughter Dance 2011

The girls were excited again this year to go to the Father/ Daughter Dance
with Daddy. They all had a great time.

Here is Daddy with 2 of his girls.
M cannot wait till she gets to go too!

Daddy took the girls to dinner at Longhorn's with another dad and his two girls.
Then they went to the dance.
The girls said that it was "the best one ever".
They danced and danced and loved spending time with Daddy.
They are ready for next year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

M and her Granddaddy

From the middle of February till the middle of November we spend a GREAT deal
of time at the park watching softball.
M is not big enough to play just yet, but she is always such a trouper
to watch her sisters and our friends play ball.

However, sometimes the fun starts to wear off.
Good thing we have lots of family and friends around to keep her entertained.

Granddaddy is one of her favorites.
This is one of the many reasons why.
He carries her around on his shoulders and plays with her.

Wouldn't this make it even more fun for you too?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SNOW DAY - January 10, 2011

Last week we were told to prepare for snow.
However, in our area, we just don't believe it till we see it.
There was talk of when it would start in our area, but most likely around 9pm Sunday.
The girls were already hoping for a snow day as many school systems were calling
school off before anything even happened.
We sent our girls to bed in preparation of school the next snow yet.
At 9:36pm it started.
It was beautiful.
Around 10:15 we woke A and R up to see the snow...we already had about 2 inches.
(They did not remember the next morning.)
Around 10:30pm, the county called school off for the next day.
The snow just kept coming down.
The next morning the girls and I got up to see the snow.
We couldn't believe it.
So we measured our back deck.

Wow, 7 inches of Snow!
We can hardly believe it!
The girls could not wait to go outside.
So, after a little bit, that is what we did.
The girls had a great time playing in the snow.

Here is A going down the hill.

Daddy helping M while A watches.

R's turn.
Some of the front yard and house.
This is a lot of snow for us.
M making a snow angel.
Cousin M and R having a good time.
M having fun and getting cold.
This is where I swiped snow off my car and the icy part stayed put.
Amazing how much snow we got.
Some of the kids going down the big hill in our neighborhood.

M at the bottom of the big hill.
R coming back up the hill on the side of our house.
B ready to play.
Daddy waiting at the bottom of our hill so that no one
goes off the 8ft drop off at the bottom.
M sliding down to Daddy.
A (in dark pink), R (in yellow), and M (in light pink) going down the hill.
M, A, B, R and M posing for the camera.
R eating the snow/ice.
M smiling for the camera.
I have to say that we had a great time playing in the snow.
Today was #3 out of school because of the snow that has turned to very icy roads.
Tomorrow we are out again because it is not warming up enough to melt the snow and make
the neighborhood roads safe enough.
We will see what Friday brings.
I am just glad that I made it to the grocery store before all this came in on Sunday night.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

On Christmas the girls got up ready for the day.
Well M didn't, we had to coax her out of the bed, but once we did she was ready for the day.
First R and M had to check to see if the reindeer really did eat their food.
They were quite happy to find out that they did.

Then they checked out what Santa brought.
Here are the girls with the things they got from Santa.
R got a skateboard (although Mommy said no), zoobles, pixos and
lots of fun goodies in her stocking.
A got a backpack purse that she loves, a pottery wheel, a new comforter for her bed,
and lots of cool things in her stocking.
M got a Baby Alive (that does tt and poo), a play dough table, a small princess castle,
and lots of fun things in her stocking.
Then we opened gifts from each other and ate breakfast.
Grammy and Granddaddy came over to see what the girls got and brought stockings
from their house that Santa left there.

Around 3 we headed to Mimi and Poppa's house for another round of Christmas.
I don't have any pictures from that night. We got in a bit of a rush because snow was in the
forecast, and we all wanted to be able to make it home.
We left around 7 so that we could make it home before too much snow stuck.
We certainly had a WHITE CHRISTMAS.
It was beautiful and we had a great time with our family and friends.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you for all our many blessings.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas from our family!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve we start out with our Candlelight Service.
It is always a beautiful service and I love hearing my aunt sing "O Holy Night".

Here is A in front of the angel/poinsettia tree.

R too (I know, dark shot, but that is what I got).
And M with cousin T.
Some of the 15 Great-Grands before the service.
Notice the girls dresses. My Aunt Marilyn made them for all the girls.
The little girls have them that say BELIEVE all over. The older two are green and gold.
She did a fabulous job and this is something the girls can have for their own daughters.
After church we head to my Granddaddy's house to eat dinner and open presents.
There are 38 of us.
Yes, that is a lot.
Yes, it is loud.
Yes, it can get crazy.
But it is AWESOME.
This is what I have done every Christmas Eve for all of my 34 years.
I love it.
My family is very close.
It takes a lot to get used to (just ask B), but once you do you are hooked.

After we finish at my Granddaddy's house we head to my parents.
Here I am with the girls in front of my mom and dad's tree.
I hardly get in front of the camera, so I had to use this one.
We open gifts with my parents, brother and his family, sister and her family.
The kids are so much fun to watch.
All 6 grandkids ready for bed (oops, I mean presents).
Aren't they so cute?
Then we head home and put out cookies and milk for Santa and reindeer food for his reindeer.
Then it is time for bed so that the man in red can pay us a visit.