Thursday, September 16, 2010

R All Stars Summer 2010

R played All Stars this summer!
(What? That was months ago? I know, better late than never)
She played on the Gold All Star Team.
To say that this entire team was AWESOME is an understatement.
These 12 girls and 6 coaches did a fantastic job of representing our town and park this summer.

Here are some of them in the Memorial Day Parade.
The girls had a blast and the parade was so much fun to watch.

R and her good friend K.
The first tournament was the SG Summer Classic.
Here are the girls awaiting the trophy celebration.
K and T helping B go get her trophy.
B broke her foot the day before the tournament started.
She did not miss a single game. At 6, she still put on her uniform each day and
cheered her friends on from the dugout.
This is just a small glimpse of why these girls did so well.
They truly love one another and look out for each other.
Coaches and players with their trophies.
2 days + 5 games + No losses (all won by run rule) = First Place.

Coach Daddy and R.
The 2nd tournament was the Pre-Tri County.
Here are the girls again awaiting trophies.
3 games + No losses = First Place
Do it again girls!
Coach Daddy and R showing off her trophy and the team trophy.
The final tournament was at our own park.
This was the Tri-County Tournament.
Because they placed first in the previous tourney, they got the #1 seed and a first round bye.
Here they are again awaiting trophies.
Coach Daddy giving R her trophy.
And the team with all their summer hardware.
How did they do, you ask? You guessed it...
3 games + No losses = First Place.
They won the final game in this tournament against the same team they defeated in both
of the other championship games.
These girls did it 15-4 in 32 minutes.
Now you see why they are AWESOME!
Coach Daddy and R again!
All in all the girls did what they were prepared to do.
They played softball like champions.
3 Tournaments + 11 Wins + 0 Losses = Priceless
Way to go CHAMPS!!!

Because they did so well the park has honored the team with a banner that now hangs on
the field with their picture.

Way to go girls.
You did AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A's Trampoline Injury

On Saturday night we were celebrating a little friend's birthday!
The kiddos were all having a great time.
A was jumping and flipping on the trampoline.
Well, she gave it a little too much umph and flipped right over onto the bar
and then landed on the ground.

Although she is hurt and is a good deal of pain, it could have been much worse.
These pics were taken Monday night as she was getting ready for bed.
The swelling is going down quickly and the bruising is not as vivid in the pics.
The inside of her mouth received the most damage, but we were able to make it without any stitches. She chipped her top front tooth and we had it bonded Monday morning.
The dentist gave her an antibiotic and a mouth rinse and they made a world of a difference.

She can only eat soft foods for 4 days. This is already driving her nuts. She wants some real food. The doctor does not want anything to get into her cut and cause infection, so we wait on real food. She is taking it in stride though. She is a real trouper.

It could have been much worse!
We are thankful! We thank God it is not worse!
Family and friends have called and come by to check on her.
Although she would rather not have this injury, I think she secretly likes the attention.

So, no more jumping on trampolines for the girls.
Mama wants all their teeth to stay where they belong!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

M had her first day of 3 year old preschool yesterday!
She was so excited. She has been waiting and waiting since
her big sisters started school a month ago.
She was also excited because she knew they were going to get to paint.

Here she is showing off her cute self before we left the house.

She wanted to do a silly face too!
She has her bag and her lunch and she is ready to go!

She opted to let me carry her stuff in for her.
This is just after she almost ran into the class and I had to make her come back so
that I could take her picture.
She got right to playing with a friend from last year.
No tears, no time-outs, no worries...just plain ol' fun for our girl on her first day!
She is ready to go back again!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Cruise - July 2010

B and I went on a cruise last month.
This was the first cruise for either of us!
We had a BLAST!
We went with 8 other couples, and I have to say that this is the way to go.
The whole group of us had so much fun together.
It was also over our anniversary, so that was wonderful too!

Here is the water slide on the boat. It was awesome and high!
It did not go very fast, but that is okay.
Here is the only pool on our ship.
We did not get into the pool because it was pretty full most of the time.

Here is B reading and relaxing on our last day.
This was our day at sea, so you could find most of us throughout the day in this same position.

We cannot wait to go back again in a few years with the gang.