Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 years already?

10? Really?
I can hardly believe that it has been 10 years since we
brought you into this world.
Where has the time gone?

You have been counting the days until you turned double digits.
I kept telling you that I was not going to let it happen, yet it did anyway.

A, Daddy and I are so proud of the young lady that you are becoming.
Not a day goes by that we are not so thankful that God allows us to be your parents.
Not a day goes by that we are not amazed at how awesome you are.

You are a sweet girl who loves her family, school, reading, softball, art, and your friends.
You are sweet to your sisters (most of the time).
You 110% at everything you do whether it is school, on the softball field or anything in between.

Even though it seems like we just brought you home yesterday, I cannot imagine my life without you. You made me a mommy and for that I am grateful.
You are beautiful on the inside and out.
Others want to be your friend because they know that you care about them.

I gasp when I look at you and realize that you are not so little anymore.
I am so proud of you!
I hope you have many more decades of birthdays to celebrate.
I love you MORE!

This year we had your party with Mason.
You both wanted to take your friends to paint.
It was so much fun.
You all painted a jersey with your name and number.
This is very fitting since all of you are so into sports right now.
Here you are painting with some of your friends.
B, M, and K taking a break from painting to play games on phones.

Here you are all splattering your painting.
Cousin N with his work of art.
Showing off your masterpiece.
The whole gang.
K with her work.
You again!
R showing hers off.
Sweet R. U.
K - RO
And Mag...she did something different since she does not play sports.
You all had a great time.
We came home after painting for cake, ice cream, presents, and your friends spent the night.
You had a great 10th birthday.
I love you, baby girl!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Father/ Daughter Dance 2011

The girls were excited again this year to go to the Father/ Daughter Dance
with Daddy. They all had a great time.

Here is Daddy with 2 of his girls.
M cannot wait till she gets to go too!

Daddy took the girls to dinner at Longhorn's with another dad and his two girls.
Then they went to the dance.
The girls said that it was "the best one ever".
They danced and danced and loved spending time with Daddy.
They are ready for next year.