Tuesday, September 30, 2008

18 Months

Time is flying by with M. I can hardly believe she is 18 months old. Maybe it is also because she thinks she is 5 or 7 like her sisters. We are enjoying all the new things she learns/discovers each day. She is so funny, too! Here are some things about her:
* her new favorite word is "op" (stop) - she says it to her sisters when they are bothering her, to dogs when they are barking and to me when I try to take things away from her
* she loves Elmo and Barney
* she loves cats and dogs (almost to a dangerous level)
* she climbs on Everything. Just the other day she climbe to the top of the ladder leaning up against the garage wall. I was scared to death, but she was not.
* she loves to eat (well mostly snack)
* she stands at the pantry or refrigerator saying MaMa until I get up to see about her
* she loves to dance
* she has 13 teeth and is cutting 3 more (it makes me sad when I see all of them because of how big they make her look - just another reminder that she is no longer a "baby")
* she loves to take a bath
* she has learned to open and close the doors inside the house
* and has also learned to lock the doors. She locked herself in the playroom yesterday and it took B a minute to locate the key to let her out. Which is really not a big deal, but takes this opportunity to stand on the table in there since no one can get to her quickly.
* she runs to the bus stop (2 driveways down) as soon as she hears the bus come up over the hill
I am loving this age. We spend a lot of time playing inside and outside. She likes to ride in the car. We walk up to the school to eat lunch with the girls or help out in their classrooms. She loves to slide at the playground, and I don't think A or R were quite as good at it as she is at this age. She makes us laugh often.
We love you, M. Happy 18 months.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We came home from the ballfield Saturday around lunchtime and were getting M ready for a nap. However, she was covered head to toe with sand. So, she got a bath in the kitchen sink. I am not sure she has ever had a bath in the kitchen sink before. Being #3, she just gets in the tub with one sister or the other or alone. Needless to say...she LOVED the sink. It was MUCH easier to bathe her as well.

She thought it was so funny when Daddy would squirt the water all over her.
Her hair is long enough now to make a GREAT mohawk. Too cute.


Saturdays at the Ball Park

All day Satuday (and most Tuesday and Thursday evenings) are spent at the softball fields. The girls LOVE to play softball. They are a little over a month into this season and have about 6 weeks to go. We LOVE to watch them too! I have a couple of shots, but not too many. I have to get better at taking pictures. However, during A's games I am busy chasing/feeding snacks to M. During R's games, I am busy doing to same with M all the while trying to keep the scorebook for B. He is R's headcoach and I guess he likes the way I keep the book for him. Here A is getting ready in the outfield.

This past Saturday her coach did some switching up. She has been playing 2nd base, but got her hand at catcher and circle girl as well. She liked both of them and did well. She just loves the game and will do whatever her coach asks her to do. I am hoping to get a pic of her in the catcher's gear...she could barely walk, but she said it was fun (although heavy).
R usually plays 3rd base, and spends a LOT of the time kicking up the dirt. She LOVES the dirt. However, don't let her fool you (like she does me almost every game)...she may look like she is not paying attention, but as soon as that ball is hit, she is on the move. She even got a home run on Saturday. She is so cute to watch run the bases.

Here is M trying to stay occupied during one of many hours at the ballfield. I have a feeling she is going to think softball is just a way of life. Bless her! Her shirt says "A...'s and R...'s biggest fan" on the back...so cute.

This past Saturday we finally got to go to one of my nephew's (Ma) game. They all 3 ususally overlap somehow. This past Saturday they were all spread out just enough to spend the day at the park. Here is another nephew, K, helping Grammy keep the scoreboard.
Here is Ma waiting patiently for the batter.
Here he is just as he hit the ball to centerfield. He practically knocked the coach's head off. The coach pitches after the 4th innning...he had to move out of the way so fast that he literally was on the ground. So funny.
Got to 2nd and ready to run.
Here is B (another nephew and Ma's brother) pretending he is crying.
Here is K again, crying...it is such sadness when the game is over and it is time to go home.
Well, this is how we see ourselves spending the next 15 Springs and Falls...if you need us, we will be at the ballfield.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

County Fair 2008

Last night we took A and R (M stayed home with the sitter) to the County Fair. We had a BLAST! The girls rode lots of rides. We saw the cows and pigs. We saw a 120 pound watermelon. And of course we ate our heart's desire in Fair food. Delicious.
We also saw lots of friends, some that it seems like we only see each year at the Fair. We cannot wait until next year.