Friday, January 14, 2011

M and her Granddaddy

From the middle of February till the middle of November we spend a GREAT deal
of time at the park watching softball.
M is not big enough to play just yet, but she is always such a trouper
to watch her sisters and our friends play ball.

However, sometimes the fun starts to wear off.
Good thing we have lots of family and friends around to keep her entertained.

Granddaddy is one of her favorites.
This is one of the many reasons why.
He carries her around on his shoulders and plays with her.

Wouldn't this make it even more fun for you too?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SNOW DAY - January 10, 2011

Last week we were told to prepare for snow.
However, in our area, we just don't believe it till we see it.
There was talk of when it would start in our area, but most likely around 9pm Sunday.
The girls were already hoping for a snow day as many school systems were calling
school off before anything even happened.
We sent our girls to bed in preparation of school the next snow yet.
At 9:36pm it started.
It was beautiful.
Around 10:15 we woke A and R up to see the snow...we already had about 2 inches.
(They did not remember the next morning.)
Around 10:30pm, the county called school off for the next day.
The snow just kept coming down.
The next morning the girls and I got up to see the snow.
We couldn't believe it.
So we measured our back deck.

Wow, 7 inches of Snow!
We can hardly believe it!
The girls could not wait to go outside.
So, after a little bit, that is what we did.
The girls had a great time playing in the snow.

Here is A going down the hill.

Daddy helping M while A watches.

R's turn.
Some of the front yard and house.
This is a lot of snow for us.
M making a snow angel.
Cousin M and R having a good time.
M having fun and getting cold.
This is where I swiped snow off my car and the icy part stayed put.
Amazing how much snow we got.
Some of the kids going down the big hill in our neighborhood.

M at the bottom of the big hill.
R coming back up the hill on the side of our house.
B ready to play.
Daddy waiting at the bottom of our hill so that no one
goes off the 8ft drop off at the bottom.
M sliding down to Daddy.
A (in dark pink), R (in yellow), and M (in light pink) going down the hill.
M, A, B, R and M posing for the camera.
R eating the snow/ice.
M smiling for the camera.
I have to say that we had a great time playing in the snow.
Today was #3 out of school because of the snow that has turned to very icy roads.
Tomorrow we are out again because it is not warming up enough to melt the snow and make
the neighborhood roads safe enough.
We will see what Friday brings.
I am just glad that I made it to the grocery store before all this came in on Sunday night.