Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Lost Tooth

First Lost Tooth

A has been waiting for this day for a LONG time.
She did not understand why she
didn't lose a tooth in Kindergarten
like all her friends did. She has been wanting
to lose a tooth, and today she FINALLY did.
About 3 weeks ago we noticed that the
new tooth was already coming in, yet the
baby tooth was not so loose. What JOY she
expressed tonight when I finally pulled it
out for her. It was getting more loose and beginning
to hurt her, so I asked her if she wanted me to pull
it out. She did. I did. PURE should have
heard the GIGGLES from this girl. It made my
heart swell. However, it was not so thrilling for R.
After A showed her the hole in her mouth, R began crying
and said, "I don't have one out yet". PITIFUL. She wants to lose
a tooth now too. Oh, to be like our Big Sisters. Of course, we had
to call the Grandparents to let them know.
It did not take A long to fall asleep
(which for those of you who know her well, know this is a
feat in and of itself) in hopes of something special
from the "tooth fairy".
Good Night


cas said...

I hope the tooth fairy was good to my sweet little neice! That is exciting news!
Love, Aunt Cassy

amy said...

Tell A not to feel so left out--my first grader just lost her first tooth today--September 21, 2007. Oh the excitement!