Friday, December 07, 2007


Last night was the girls first "ribbon night" at gymnastics.
They did great, and at the end of their classes, they
got ribbons for their hard work. They just started
in August.
The first picture is of R being "shy" (which she is NOT)
upon getting her ribbon. In the second one, we finally
got her to pose for us. She has mastered 40 skills, but we
are not sure how many there are all together.

In the next one, A is holding her ribbon. This
is the best we could get her to do for us in a pose.
She has mastered 58 skills, and we are not
sure about her's either or if they are looking
at the same skills for both girls. They are in
different classes. We are very new to this
gymnastics stuff.

Thanks to Mimi, Poppa, Grammy, Grandaddy,

aunts, uncles and cousins for coming to watch and support us.

We love you all!

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Jawan said...

Congratulations, A & R! I'm so proud of you and I know your parents are too!