Sunday, December 30, 2007

9 months

Where has the time gone?

It is hard to believe that M is 9 months old!
She is getting so big and here are a few things
that help us remember how:
1. She finally has 2 teeth (bottom front)
2. She crawls FAST to you when she is excited about seeing you
3. If you ask her for kisses, she leans her open mouth to your face
4. She got her a new big girl car seat...
5. She could walk if she really wanted to
6. She can stand up well enough that she can clap while she does
7. She has realized that if we laugh at something she does,
she will do it again to get us to laugh more
8. She likes french fries to eat when we go out
9. She is starting with the stranger anxiety
So much for such a short time. We can hardly believe we are just a
few months away from ONE! Time sure flies...
We love you M!

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