Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A and R enjoying the Snow

Here are R and A taking time to let me take their picture in the snow.
We have not seen snow in 3 years, so R does not remember it at all...she was just 1.
A barely remembers it. Therefore, they had a blast...except for the frozen fingers
part. Needless to say we went through many mittens and gloves in a
short amount of time. R really had her heart set on making snow
angels, but we just did not get that much snow.
Here they are attempting to make a snowman. A is above rolling what
was supposed to be the bottom. Below R is beginning to roll the head.
You can tell by the grass just how "little" snow we did get. Who care, right?
They had fun and that is all that matters.

The snowman ended up being a fort that they built with Daddy and
some neighbors, so that they could throw snowballs at each other.
As of today, the majority of the snow is gone, but the fort still stands! A and R go
and check on it every morning.

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