Sunday, January 27, 2008

M's Teeth

M now has 3 teeth. You can see 2 in this picture. She
also has one of her top front teeth. After a few days of PAIN,
she is finally back to her happy self. She has several teeth just
waiting to cut through her gums. We are praying that these come
in with little to no pain! Is that too much to ask?
Also, A lost her 2nd tooth tonight. She is very excited, as she
really wants the tooth fairy to pay a visit! As with the first tooth, this
new tooth is already coming through. This made it VERY difficult for
the baby tooth to become loose enough to be ready to come out. I
finally was able to pull it out tonight after a good bit of trying.
She also has a new molar on the bottom. I think these are 6 year molars,
and she only has one so far...she will be 7 in just a couple of weeks.
Here is to lots of tooth pain in our house!

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amy said...

Same getting teeth, big girl getting teeth...much use of tylenol...