Friday, March 07, 2008

5 years ago

5 years ago I was 39weeks and 5 days pregnant with our second child. It was a Friday. I was scheduled to be induced after lunch. I took A to the babysitter like any other day, so that she could get her nap, etc. I went to work for half a day, met B for lunch at Wendy's, and then headed to the hospital to be induced. I had gone to the hospital the Sunday before with inconsistent contractions and was sent home after a couple of hours (despite the fact that I was already dialated 3cm and was carrying a "big" baby). The doctor on call went along with inducing me for no other reason than that my daddy was going to be out of town for the day on Saturday, and I knew that if we did not then this baby would come then. This was the same doctor who was on call Sunday night, but didn't even come to the hospital. The same one I saw in the office on Thursday (because they thought for sure I would have the baby before then). And was the same doctor on call Friday. Go figure! She REALLY did not want to induce me, but oh well, she did.
We got to the hospital around 1pm. We got paperwork filled out, and were sent to our room. When I called that morning to make sure there was room for me I asked for a specific nurse. This was a friend of mine who I cheered with in high school. Luckily, she was working and they let me have her. YIPEE! Off to a good start. By the time we started induction, I was 4cm...but I was not feeling a contraction at all. By 5pm I was 10cm and ready to go...and the doctor didn't want to deliver yet. My body was ready...too bad baby decided to play flip flop on us. Two weeks prior baby was head down, face down and ready for action. We thought this delivery would be pretty quick. Boy, were we wrong. After two hours of pushing and my epidural wearing off, the doctor decided to redo the epidural. Another 30 minutes of pushing and we were making no progress. The doctor was getting a little frazzled by this point...she was sure I was not ready (already proved that wrong), and that the baby was no more than 8 1/2 pounds. Well, exhaustion finally took over. I could not push much longer, so I let them use the suction. Two tries later and progress was being made. Only, then did they realize that baby was face up (better known as "sunny side up") and somewhat stuck. The doctor then made the comment, "I think I just broke the clavical (not sure of spelling)", and that was it for me. I was hysterical. I broke the baby and I was not pushing again. The doctor was deperate at this point. I remember her jumping on my bed and yelling at me that I had to do what she said so we could get the baby out. YES Ma'am. I did! And finally, at 7:47pm, our beautiful second daughter, R was born. She weighed 9lbs 4oz (B called it right on the dot), and was over 21 inches long. No hair whatsoever, but still just as gorgeous. We were in love. After all checks, no clavical was broken. The doctor was more spent than I was, and made the comment to me "I told you we should have delivered earlier this week". If I could have moved, I would have tackled her. She was really not expecting that big of a baby. Can you imagine if she would have not induced?
Now that chunky monkey is 5. She is skinny and finally has a head full of hair that can finally be put into a ponytail. It has taken this long. R is our comedian. She keeps us laughing. She loves to dress up and dance to High School Musical. She cannot wait to go to kindergarten and ride the bus like her big sister. She loves being the big sister too! A job that she takes very seriously.

R, we love you and are so proud of you!
Happy 5th Birthday, R!

This is R getting ready to go to school this morning. She got to be the snack leader today! She was so excited!

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Happy Birthday, R!