Monday, December 22, 2008

Introducing Duke...

Meet Duke.
He is our Elf on the Shelf.
He showed up sometime during the day on Thanksgiving
and has been back in a new spot every day since.
The girls LOVE getting up each morning and looking for him.
Some days he has been easy to find, and some days we have to search for him high and low
(well really only high because if M could get a hold of him then we would never find him again - and well you aren't supposed to touch him either, or he will lose all of his magical powers).

So, we are counting down the days till Santa comes and Duke leaves again until next year.
But for now we are enjoying seeing him around the house, telling him our secrets
and showing him all the great things we can do.
I sure hope he is giving the Big Guy a good report from this house every night.

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Kaitin said...

L, I've loved checking your blog and seeing all the pictures of the girls from this season. R looks so beautiful and so grown up with her new haircut and her pierced ears. Just precious! Sorry I haven't been in touch, have been out of the loop with my surgery. Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas