Thursday, April 02, 2009

M's favorite things...

M loves to "hit ball" as she says.
Being #3, she has picked up on more than A or R did at this age,
and she wants to be just like her sisters.
They play she thinks she should too.
As you can see below, she has on R's shin guards and cleats...she thinks she is hot stuff.

She also LOVES "I mean" (ice cream) and will often get a bowl and ask for it standing
at the freezer door. Here she is relaxing with her bowl of "I Mean". Notice that she had
to "dress" for the occasion. She would not let me finish putting her clothes on, but she surely
had to put on R's shoes. She is such a funny little girl. And Cute I might add.

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The Tennant's said...

I can't believe how quickly M is growing up! Isn't it sad how the time flies! Love the attire!