Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Church Christmas Play and Santa

Our church had the Christmas Play and Party Sunday night.
All 3 girls had parts in the play.
A was a wise person and did a scripture reading.
R was Mary and did a scripture reading.
M was an angel (or fairy is you asked her - we are working on it).
They were all so cute and did a great job!

Here is R doing her reading.

A doing her reading.
Here is Mary as she is joined by the Angel Gabriel.
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
I did not get a picture of A delivering her present to Baby Jesus because it was just the
backsides of all the wise people and she was in the middle of a group.

After the play we enjoyed a visit from Santa and dinner.
Church members shared memories of Christmas' past.
Each person came home with an orange, some nuts and a soft peppermint stick!

It was a wonderful night telling the birth story of Jesus
and spending time with our church family.

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