Friday, November 30, 2007

8 Months Old

The months are flying by...

It is hard to believe that M is already 8 months old.
Where has this year gone? She is really
getting into things around here, and the
temptation is GREAT with Christmas decorations
every where she looks.

What a difference a month makes:
1. If you clap, play music, sing, etc. she will bounce up
and down where she is or she will clap along.
She absolutely loves to hear music.
2. She can climb the stairs, so now she stands at the gate and
shakes it hoping to get past.
3. She loves to take a bath, and if you let go long enough
she will be swimming like a fish.
4. Still no teeth, although you would be surprised since she
works so hard at chewing on things.
5. We went to see Christmas Lights near our home and
she absolutely LOVED them.
6. She is beginning to resist going to bed at night,
especially when she knows A and R are still up...she
just wants to play.
7. She weighed 18 1/2 pounds last week and has
just about grown out of the infant seat. (This makes me very
sad, as we will no longer have an infant).
8. She loves to eat finger foods, which drives her
daddy crazy. This is the learning stage that he dislikes the most.
It makes him so nervous.
We have enjoyed that last 8 months and are excited about what
is in store for us this next month. Will she actually take the record for
walking in our family, or will she let R keep it? We will see.

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