Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Very Tired!

Tonight after dinner we were playing a board game. About 6:30 R was laying on the floor saying how tired she was. This is not unusual since she is usually the first one of the kiddos up in the mornings, and has gone strong for about 12 hours at this point. So, we finished up the game (which she won) and headed upstairs. She brushed her teeth and Daddy read her a book while A was in the shower (she and M already had baths). I said prayers with her and put her in the bed. She was asleep in no time. About an hour and a half later B and I were watching Survivor downstairs when we hear something upstairs. B goes up to check it out, and this is what we found: R had gotten out of her bed and climbed into our bed...still sound asleep!
Isn't she sooooooo cute!!!!

Her daddy scooped her up (after I went back downstairs for the camera) and put her back in her own bed. She was none the wiser, and will not remember this in the morning.
Good night, sleep tight!

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