Friday, February 29, 2008

11 months old

* Since there is not a 30th this month...we'll say she is 11months today!

M, it is hard to believe that you are 11 months old. It feels like we just brought you home from the hospital. Oh, how you have grown though, so we know that it is true!
* You got 3 more teeth this month, and all within 48 hours (for a total of 6)
* You got your first pair of "real" shoes to help you walk. They are adorable.

* You love to stick out your tongue and blow, because it makes a funny noise.
* When someone say "Awww", you will lay down on a pillow and pretend to sleep.

* You have reached the 20pound mark and are ready to face forward in your car seat. If only your age would catch up to your weight.
* You try to drink out of water bottles like your big sisters. Too bad you get all wet.
* You love to crawl all over your sisters (or whoever may be laying on the floor).

* You love when I open the garage door from inside, you laugh while the door is going up. I don't know why, but you look forward to it everyday when we leave to go pick R up from school.
* You had to go to the ER last week for a stomach threw up all that was in your tummy and then some. You had your first taste of an orange popsicle, and you LOVED it. You cried when it was gone and I threw the package away.
* You love when Daddy comes home from work. If you are awake when he comes in the door, you will smile and take off from whereever you are to get to him. So sweet!
* You are learning to wave "hello" and "bye bye". You especially love to do this first thing in the morning when I get you out of the bed. You start looking for your sisters and smile as soon as you see them. Then you start waving your arm at them. Just precious!
I cannot believe that you are just a few short weeks away from being ONE. I wish that I could make time stand still. But we would only miss out on all the fantastic stuff that is in store in the future. So, here is to 11 months. They have been wonderful. We love you very much!

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The Brantley's said...

Don't you just hate how quickly that first year goes by! She is so cute!