Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bowling Party Time!

We had A and R's birthday party at a nearby bowling alley on Saturday morning.
It was a BLAST! The girls had so much fun, and the parties were so easy.
The children loved getting to bowl and were awesome!
A had a Hannah Montana cake and got some wonderful presents from her friends and family.
R had a High School Musical cake (most days she wishes she was Gabriella). She also got many great gifts. She even Hannah and Miley dolls and the surf shack. She has been wanting some since A got some for Christmas.They both also got some Littlest Pet Shop toys. These are really a big hit at our house for all 3 girls. If we give M a moments of unsupervised attention, she will head to A or R's room to play with their LPS toys. We have to keep an eye on them all.

Here are R and her friends enjoying their cake.

M was worn out by the end of the party. However, she may have worn the 4 grandparents out long before. They took turns chasing her around the bowling alley. She loved getting their undivided attention for once....she doesn't get that much with so many other kiddos around.

Thank you to our family and friends for making the day special. A and R had such a great time. They thank you for sharing in the day with them.


Jawan said...

Looks like you all had fun. Wish my kids could grow up next door to your kids.

L said...

I do too, jawan! miss you!