Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A and R are playing softball for the first time. They are on the same team, and they are LOVING it! We really were not sure how they would like it, and are quite surprised at how much they do and how well they are catching on to the sport.

Here is A getting ready. She is picking up the game quickly. She is very alert and is ready for action. She does what the coaches tell her to do and is ready to play where they put her.

And getting ready to hit the ball...

R is catching on very quickly, too! Here she is ready for the ball. She is a very good listener on the field. She is also pretty quick. We did not realize just how fast she could run.

Here she is after she hit the ball and is heading toward 1st. Go R!

Of course, B and I are having a blast. M is too! She claps everytime she hears someone else clap. It is so funny to watch her watch them. Although, she would really rather pick up all the trash off the ground and taste it or play on the playground that is 5 feet from the field.

Here are a couple of pictures of her when she found out the girls would talk to her through the fence. She just loved this.

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