Friday, May 09, 2008

Yearly Checkups

A and R had their 7 and 5 year checkups yesterday.
They are both healthy and growing like they should be. A only had to get one shot, and it was all she could do to not cry....but she didn't and I was so proud of her. R got her shots back in March so that we would be ready to register her for Kindergarten last week. That was is each arm, one in one leg and two in the other. She screamed and it was all I could do not to cry. I hate when they have to get shots. She also passed the hearing and vision screening. We were a little shocked as she rarely listens to a thing we say. Now we know for sure that she can see and hear well, so she has no more excuses. She did have to get her finger pricked, and you would have thought it was the end of the world. Those tests came back fine as well as her urine test. She thought that was HILARIOUS peepeeing into a cup (not as fun for me since I was the one holding the cup).
However, Dr. S was very impressed with both of the girls. They love our Dr. and we think she is the GREATEST!
Here are their stats:
A weighed 48.2 pounds and is 47.75 inches tall
R weighed 37.6 pounds and is 43 inches tall
When, where, how did this happen? I blinked and they got big. It is not fair. They both grew 3 inches and 6 pounds from last year. I knew they had both grown, but it was amazing to see just how much. A's 3 inches came a little along the way all year long, but R's came quickly. I knew she had grown because back in August I tried all her pants on her and thought that I did not need to buy anything much for her. Well, along came December and those 4's did not fit anymore and all the 5s we put away had to be gotten out. I just couldn't believe it.
They both keep telling me that they have to keep growing, but I really would like for it to SLOW DOWN! I am sure I am not going to get my wish. And M is just right there with them too!
Poor mommy!

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