Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More pictures....

Here is the best shot on my camera of the 6 grandkids on my side of the family. B decided that he was just not into getting his picture made this day. He is such the funny one...he kept me laughing all week long.
M and Grammy looking out at the ocean.
M and Grammy giving each other some lovin' cute.
Best Friends...need I say more?
Me and my girls...not thrilled with the shot of myself, but this is my life...I will miss the day when they don't want to hang all over me anymore. I DREAD that day!
Just missed getting M out of the water...she didn't care though...she loved it!
Can you see why this one has had 3 ER trips and one overnight in the hospital in the 10 days prior to leaving for the beach. She could care less that I continually asked her not to do this.
Uncle M and K.
Daddy and M enjoying her new float.

A enjoying someone else's float!
M and Mommy cooling off in the pool.
What a great time we had. I am hoping to get copies of pictures from my sister and sister-in-law. When I do, I am sure that I will post some of theirs. I know they had some from our time spent riding go-carts and bumper boats. Enjoy!

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Jawan said...

I love the pictures, Lib. Especially the one of you with the girls hanging all over you.