Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Olympics

Well, it is hard to believe that the Olympics have come and gone yet again. I clearly remember trying to explain to a 3 year old A that the Summer Olympics would not come again until she was 7. Of course she did not understand that then, but she does now, and is a bit sad about that fact. R is slowly catching on...she was only 1 last time, and did not remember any of it. They have had a good time counting to how old they will be next time, and so forth. We ate Chinese food last night to celebrate the Olympics and watched a bit of the Closing Ceremony before making them go to bed so that they would not be too tired for school today.
A has decided that she is going to play softball in the Olympics. After watching the Rhythmic Gymnastics, that is what R wants to do. She kept saying "AWESOME" everytime one of the girls got out on the floor. I am not sure what she liked more...the beautiful outfits they wore or all the different apparatus' they used. She just loved it. M has spent the last 2 days twirling herself around the living room. She laughs the whole time.
We have had a great time watching and enjoying the Olympics. Until 2012...

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Jody said...

Hey they are supposed to take softball away from the Olympics. They might change the rule after they US got beat this year.