Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Aunt V

My Great Aunt celebrated her 90th birthday on Valentine's Day!
90 years...I can hardly imagine. Below is a picture of her (in the middle) with my Granddaddy (her younger brother - he is 88 and her daughter). Our family had a surprise celebration for her about a month ago during our yearly family reunion.

Aunt V was a school teacher just like her mother and passed the love of teaching on to many of us in the next two generations. There are many things that I love about this lady. I remember sitting on her lap as a little girl and her teaching me songs and singing "Jesus Loves Me" to me. I remember trips out to their farm on Old Norcross Road (back before it contained subdivisions) and going fishing, riding horses, checking out the garden and being scared of her dog Speck. She had a knack for owning dogs who were FIERCELY protective of her. Very scary as a child. She makes a mean chocolate cake (well pretty much any dessert she makes). I hope I am half the lady that my Aunt V is...I love you Aunt V! Happy 90th Birthday!

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