Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNOW 2010

We got SNOW last Friday night! It was beautiful!
The girls got out that night and wanted to play on the back deck since it was piling up
quickly out there.
They made a few snowballs and threw snow at each other, but mostly
just enjoyed being out in the snow.

Here is a glimpse at our woods behind us at the darkness was beginning to take over.
The front of our house as it was snowing.
A shot down our street. Beautiful!
Saturday morning found us playing outside in the white stuff.
All M wanted to do was make snow angel. Here is her making her first one.
R making her snow angel.
A's completed snow angel.

The front again. I love the way everything looks covered in snow.

Our snowman!
We like the snow, and were glad to get to play in it. However, now we are ready for spring!

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